Special Offer! WHAT DOESN’T KILL YOU at 99p

Special Offer! WHAT DOESN’T KILL YOU at 99p

Hi, everyone.

Just dropping in to let you know that the digital download of my third novel, WHAT DOESN’T KILL YOU, is on special offer at the time of posting, at £0.99p, here.

This book is very dear to me for a number of reasons and I hope this special promotion will help it reach a wider audience. If you’ve read and loved WDKY and are happy to leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads, that would be fantastic and very much appreciated.

Thank you.

Laura x




Exciting News and Events! April Outings

Exciting News and Events! April Outings.

I was over at The Romaniacs site yesterday, blogging about the past five years and everything I’d have love to have shown my mum, lost to us in 2012. The post can be read here. I mention it as I know she’d have loved the fact that, one, a long-held dream of mine has been realised, and two, that as an author I’ve been invited to Watford, the town in which I grew up. More of that news later.

My exciting news is that my third novel, What Doesn’t Kill You, is now in WHSmith Travel shops – train station, airports and service station branches! This is a dream come true. I am a book, music and stationery addict who has spent many happy hours browsing and buying in and from Smiths.

Following on from yesterday’s blog, the moment my good friend and author, Sue Fortin, posted a photo of WDKY at Victoria Station Smith’s, I really did think, ‘I wonder what Mum would have said to this …’

If you find the book in Smiths Travel, and you have time to take a ‘shelfie’, I’d love to see it 🙂 I haven’t managed to get to a Travel branch yet.

WHSmiths Travel Shelfie

Dates for your diary:

April 8th, I’ll be with my publisher, Choc Lit, and a selection box of ChocLiteers, at Exeter Library. See here for the details. There’s something for readers and writers and it promises to be a cracking afternoon. If you can’t make it to Exeter, I’m also attending the Southampton day in May.

I’m delighted to have been invited to Watford’s Lit Fest, speaking at an evening with Watford Writers, on April 10th. Then on April 11th, I’ll be signing copies of WDKY at Waterstones Watford between 11:00 and 13:00.

It would be fabulous to see you at these events.

I spent many happy years in Watford and surrounding areas. I attended three places of education – Kingsway Junior, Francis Combe Secondary School and Cassio College. My very first job, a Saturday job, was with British Home Stores in the high street. As a Watford FC fan, I loved it at the end of the day when the fans were returning home after the match. They were easy to spot as they passed through the shop, wearing their gold, red and black scarves and tops. I could tell by the fans’ mood if we’d won or lost.

I also worked at Watford General Hospital, The Review Newspaper, Royal Insurance and The Prudential, before moving to Dorset to be closer to my parents, who’d moved from Watford some years before.
Here’s a short video I made for Watford’s Big Word Fest.

That’s all for now. I’m off to get the tour t-shirt made up.

Take care,

Laura x

WHAT DOESN’T KILL YOU – The Paperback Tour January 2017

WHAT DOESN’T KILL YOU – The Paperback Tour January 2017

Happy New Year! I hope you all enjoyed the festive season and have had an excellent start to 2017.

My week has been busy preparing for the release of the paperback of my third novel, What Doesn’t Kill You, due 9th January.


The novel has been available for a year in digital form, but there’s nothing quite like holding the paperback in your hands. I’m lucky enough to have a few author copies at home. Next week I’ll be guesting on blogs as my book goes on a virtual tour. Please do join me and find out some of the background to What Doesn’t Kill You.

I haven’t gone as far as to print tour tee-shirts, but here’s the programme.


Hoping 2017 is a magnificent year for you.

Take care,

Laura x

Exciting News!

Exciting News!

My third novel, currently in digital form, is to be published in paperback next year!


I’ve blogged over at The Romaniacs, as it’s my week chatting on the Life Cycle Of A Writer series.

Please do hop over for a read.

I’m busy writing guest posts for the upcoming virtual book tour, while fighting a chest infection, but nothing can stop the excitement of waiting to handle that paperback.

Watch out on my Facebook page and Twitter feed for dates of the tour and for Christmassy treats from my publisher, Choc Lit.

Wishing you all a very happy Christmas.

Take care,

Laura xx

Last Dance in Havana – Rosanna Ley

Last Dance in Havana – Rosanna Ley

Laura & Rosanna
Laura & Rosanna


On Saturday 1st October 2016, I had the immense pleasure of chatting with bestselling author, Rosanna Ley. Originally, I was planning on attending the event as a member of the audience, but when I popped into my local library to add my name to the list of those going, I was asked by our lovely librarian if I would like to pose Rosanna a few questions on the day. I’m rarely short of questions and having read and thoroughly enjoyed Rosanna’s latest novel, Last Dance in Havana, I was delighted to have this opportunity to chat and learn more about Rosanna’s writing processes, including research, and how she captures the sights, sounds and feel of the settings used in the novel.

I have not visited Cuba in real life, but nearly two weeks on from reading the novel, I can still picture the scenes set by Rosanna – I was transported there. I could feel the sultry heat, hear the music, and experience the everyday lives of the town’s residents. Members of the audience who have been to Havana agreed that Rosanna has portrayed the town, the people and the atmosphere perfectly.

The conversation went on to explore the importance of research, particularly when referencing historical events, the inspiration behind Rosanna’s novels, and the themes within Last Dance in Havana.

With a reading from Rosanna and an introduction to the next book due 2017, which sounds wonderful, the afternoon drew to a close.

My job was made easy. Rosanna is a joy to interview and the fab audience was fully involved and asking their own questions.

If you get the chance to attend one of Rosanna’s events, I urge you to do so. The same goes for reading Rosanna’s books. I was so engaged with Last Dance in Havana, I read it in double-quick time, shutting myself away in our conservatory, telling my family it was work.

I love my work.

Take care,

Laura x

rosanna-ley-ldihLast Dance in Havana.

Cuba, 1958. Elisa is only sixteen years old when she meets Duardo and she knows he’s the love of her life from the moment they first dance the rumba together in downtown Havana. But Duardo is a rebel, determined to fight in Castro’s army, and Elisa is forced to leave behind her homeland and rebuild her life in distant England. But how can she stop longing for the warmth of Havana, when the music of the rumba still calls to her?

England, 2012. Grace has a troubled relationship with her father, whom she blames for her beloved mother’s untimely death. And this year more than ever she could do with a shoulderto cry on – Grace’s career is in flux, she isn’t sure she wants the baby her husband is so desperate to have and, worst of all, she’s begun to develop feelings for their best friend Theo. Theo is a Cuban born magician but even he can’t make Grace’s problems disappear. Is the passion Grace feels for Theo enough to risk her family’s happiness?

From bestselling author Rosanna Ley comes an exotic tale of love, family and friendship set between England and Cuba.