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A new notebook!
A new notebook!
Photograph by Helen Ellis.

Many years ago, I came out of the closet. Or should that be stationery cupboard? I openly declared my love for pens, paper, note-pads and all items pertaining to writing and creativity. It is no longer a secret that I enjoy the smell of a new book, friends’ eyebrows remain level at my uninhibited displays of enthusiasm for single- hole punchers, and my beautiful family understand my need to carry a healthy stock of pencils and paper clips. And to ask, before they borrow them.

Every Christmas, as a child, I would receive a large pack of felt-tipped pens, a drawing pad and the latest Abba album. (That’s a whole different closet.) Since you cannot see me at this very moment, I’ll tell you I am smiling; partly due to the recollection of fond and poignant memories and partly because years later, I’ve realised some things never change.

This year’s birthday presents. Enough said.

It was my dear mum who instilled in me a love of words and reading. She would spend hours listening to my latest story, laugh along at my funny poems and share her books with me. The encouragement and support she provided over my lifetime has helped me become who I am; a mother, a wife, a friend and a writer.

I am a Work In Progress.


Proud member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association , Weymouth’s Off The Cuff writing group, and The Romaniacs.


To save me from inventing interesting facts about myself, my fellow writers and firm friends, The Romaniacs, are having their say:

Romaniac Shorts Cover

The lovely Laura E James is – amongst many other things – one ninth of the Romaniacs. In fact, if it wasn’t for Laura, the Romaniacs would probably still be one of those great ideas that never gets past the planning stages. So it goes without saying that Ms James is a mover and a shaker; the grass never grows under her feet for more than a few seconds – it wouldn’t dare!

Over the last few months we’ve seen Laura go from strength to strength in her writing, even though life has been busy bashing her with a big stick. I am very proud to call myself her friend.

Celia x

The first thing I noticed about Laura when I met her at last year’s RNA Winter Party was her big, warm smile. We’d spoken a few times online, built up a good rapport, but it wasn’t until The Romaniacs formed – of which I feel honoured to be a part of and ever-grateful to Laura for instigating – that our friendship really blossomed. Laura’s drive, passion, fab sense of humour and infectious enthusiasm make it an absolute pleasure to know her. She’s a pretty amazing writer too…

Love Jan x x

Am I on This Is Your Life? You ladies – such lovely sentiments. Thank you. The feeling is mutual. 🙂 Laura xx


Jane Risdon

I too share your love of paper and all things connected. Funny how the feel and smell of paper and books can take you to another place and dreams begin to form there. Since I was little I loved all things to do with reading and writing and I am sure the smell, feel and look of paper and pens had something to do with it. Now a computer is the means to write and read but it does not and never will really compete with the real thing. I have enjoyed your website and wish you well with all your writing and indulgences of paper in all its forms. xx


Hi Jane
Thank you for visiting and for your wonderful support.
Despite the new notebooks I received on my birthday, I still found a need to add to my collection on National Stationery Day. I wish I had shares in The Works.
I have been known to flaunt a photo of me shopping in Staples, to my fellow Romaniacs.
Perhaps that’s something I should have kept to myself 😉
Laura x

Rosemary Kaye

Hi Laura

I’ve only just discovered your website (Twitter is a wonderful thing) – it’s great! My site is a WIP of its own, never mind the actual writing…

I love stationery too, and my youngest daughter acquires notebooks everywhere she goes. She’s also an avid fan of the Works, whereas her school would prefer everything to be bought in The Mulberry Tree (Morningside – if you know Edinburgh, this will tell you all you need to know.) I always hope for Moleskin notebooks for my birthday, no-one ever takes the hint, but son did send me an Amazon voucher this year, so I think I may investigate their stock.

Best wishes,



Hi Rosemary – loving tweeting with you during the week – your comments made me laugh out loud on the slow train to Waterloo.
The Works is always good for notebooks and I have bought my supply for Christmas and handed them to my daughter to wrap for the big day. They ran out last year and I had to wait for my birthday. Not this year 🙂

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