Writing Credits



  • Nov 5th 2014: Inclusion in Choc Lit’s second short story anthology, Kisses & Cupcakes.







  • September 2013: ‘Twenty-four Hours’, a flash fiction story of 250 words achieves second prize in Creative Writing Matters. It can be read here Not suitable for young readers.


  • September 2013: Inclusion in the Choc Lit anthology, Love Match with the short story, Mulled Wine and Cupcakes.


  • July 2013: ‘Bitter Sweet’ accepted for the RNA anthology, ‘Truly, Madly, Deeply’.


  • June 2013: Debut novel, ‘Truth or Dare?’ accepted for publication by award-winning Choc Lit, on their Choc Lit Lite imprint.




  • December 2012: Commentary on the FoR published in ‘Romance Matters’.



  • November 2012: Part of a Romaniac Panel at the Festival Of Romance Conference Day.



  • Autumn 2012: ‘Penrith Arc’ article published in ‘Romance Matters’.


  • September 2012: Story short listed In Flash 500.


  • August 2012: Contributed to a Romaniacs article published in ‘Writers’ Forum’. Page 46.


  • August 2012: Contributed to a Romaniacs article published in ‘Writing Magazine’.


  • July 2012: RNA Blog. Penrith Prep.




  • Spring 2012: ‘Romantic Submissions’ article published in ‘Romance Matters’.


  • Publication of’ All But Me’ – a poem. 1987. 4th prize.

I would like to add that I can spell ‘country’ and had to prove to my daughter that the spelling mistake did not appear in my original version…


  • Publication of ‘The Art of Conversation’. 1989.


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