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Hello and welcome to my website.

Please take a look around.

I am an author and I write thought-provoking women’s fiction, focusing on gritty, sometimes dark, modern day issues, but having found my happy ending, it seems right I give my characters the same chance.

To date, I have written three novels and have several short stories published in anthologies .

I am a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association, and a proud, award-winning Romaniac. 

A lover of the spectacular Dorset landscape, I draw inspiration from my wonderful home county.

For a full bio, please check out my Amazon page, here.

Thank you for dropping by.

Laura x

You can keep in touch at https://www.facebook.com/LauraE.JamesWriter

or follow me on Twitter @Laura_E_James


Laura E. James’s books on Goodreads

Follow Me Follow You
Follow Me Follow You

reviews: 12

ratings: 17 (avg rating 4.76)


Truth or Dare?
Truth or Dare?

reviews: 7

ratings: 14 (avg rating 3.93)


Truly, Madly, Deeply
Truly, Madly, Deeply

ratings: 1 (avg rating 5.00)


The Choc Lit Love Match Selection
The Choc Lit Love Match Selection

reviews: 4

ratings: 23 (avg rating 4.52)


Romaniac Shorts
Romaniac Shorts

reviews: 2

ratings: 3 (avg rating 4.67)


Rebecca Leith

Looks good, Laura, well done. Now to try and persuade my daughter to help me redesign mine. Though during the run up to GCSEs possibly not the best time to ask her – unless she’s looking for some displacement therapy 🙂 xx


Hi Rebecca.
Thank you for visiting my new site and leaving your comment.
It’s been an exciting few days getting this one together, although I have been fortunate to have the assistance of family and friends. Without their kind and expert help, my site would still be lurking in the ether.
I am much happier with this set up and hope I haven’t lost too many regulars along the way and I appreciate all the interest shown.
I look forward to seeing your new site.

Celia Anderson

Wow – I love your new site too! Am now going to write some purple prose in the ‘about me’ section. Promise not to mention tea or Maltesers.

Celia xxx


Hello Susan.
Thank you – your comment made me smile. I shall pass on the Kudos to the lovely team that had the technology to rebuild me….
Look forward to hearing your thoughts on future posts.
Laura x

Lizzie Lamb

Great Blog. Will be working on my blog/website as soon as this wretched WIP – I mean, magnificent manuscript – is on its way to the NWS. My DH Bongo Man was supposed to be my webmeister, but he doesn’t come out from beneath a car long enough for me to get him to do it. Just worried I might find blog/website too distracting.


Hi Jane
I’m beavering away on my wip, ‘Follow Me’, aiming to get it into the New Writers’ Scheme, but I won’t be submitting until July/August, as I’m attending a day’s writing workshop this month, and a week’s course in Umbria at the beginning of July. I’m looking to put the skills I learn to excellent use.
I’m enjoying writing short stories and flash fiction, too. What about you?

Jane Risdon

Oh I am busy as a bee Laura thanks for asking. Various short stories and Flash Fiction plus working hard on a re-write of Ms Birdsong Investigates as I had a break from her and felt it needed a good overhaul. Other books in various states of undress. Your news is wonderful and I so happy to see you are going to be in print. Good luck.


Many thanks, Jane. You are a wonderful source of support and information. I love hearing about your experiences in the music business. 🙂 xx

Jane Risdon

Hello Laura, apologies for not popping in for a while – computer died and then had nightmares with passwords and so forth. Also since my accident typing for long periods has been difficult. Still not had my three operations!! I have been writing two short stories (10,000 words each) for an anthology coming out at Xmas and so this has nearly killed me and so writing anything else in between has not really gone well. Anyway, the anthology is coming out as planned and my stories are in there which is wonderful. I pop into FB now and again and have been lax there as well as on my author blog, but hope to get more done now. I have had a steroid injection to hope this helps mobility and stops pain! Living in hope. Hoping all is well with you and life good. Keep in touch. Jane 🙂

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