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The Middle Distance Writer.

My writing shoes.

I’m in the throes of writing my first novella. It’s quite different to anything I’ve written in the past. It’s not quite the sprint of flash fiction, nor the thrice round the track with a 1500 word short, (Bitter Sweet) but neither is it the long distance 110,000 word novel, such as What Doesn’t Kill You. Having sought advice from my fellow writing friends I understand the novella should have one main plot, as the writer does not have the luxury of a large word count to explore sub plots; to keep the cast to the main players and concentrate on developing them; to make every word earn its place.

There are more pointers, but these are the three that stuck in my mind and the ones to which I keep returning. My inner editor is having a field day highlighting where I’ve gone off topic, or questioning whether or not I need to introduce another character. How important is this person to the plot or hero and heroine?

I’ve never been able to silence my inner editor and I accepted two books ago it’s how I write. My first draft is rarely a true, dirty first draft as I’ve cleaned it up day-to-day. I don’t submit the first draft to the publisher, as there are always things to improve, but I’m hoping the second draft of the novella will be up to submission standard. I call it a second draft, but I’ve usually redone so much as I’ve gone along, three or four, maybe more times, it’s probably a fifth draft.

So, I’m heading back into the work in progress, and flexing my previously unused middle distance muscles and loving every minute.

Take care.

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Laura x


Jan Brigden

Laura, I definitely hear you re the inner editor. It’s so hard to ignore that little voice, isn’t it?! Sounds as if you’re enjoying writing your novella. May your middle distance muscles continue to flex. 🙂 X


It is, Angela. Even as I’m writing, I’m working out where I need to cut down. And it’s not just on the crisps.

Rae Cowie

Go you, Laura! I’ve never felt competent as a short story writer, so one of my reading resolutions for this year is to read three collections of short stories. Will it make a difference? We’ll see!

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