Exciting News and Events! April Outings

Exciting News and Events! April Outings.

I was over at The Romaniacs site yesterday, blogging about the past five years and everything I’d have love to have shown my mum, lost to us in 2012. The post can be read here. I mention it as I know she’d have loved the fact that, one, a long-held dream of mine has been realised, and two, that as an author I’ve been invited to Watford, the town in which I grew up. More of that news later.

My exciting news is that my third novel, What Doesn’t Kill You, is now in WHSmith Travel shops – train station, airports and service station branches! This is a dream come true. I am a book, music and stationery addict who has spent many happy hours browsing and buying in and from Smiths.

Following on from yesterday’s blog, the moment my good friend and author, Sue Fortin, posted a photo of WDKY at Victoria Station Smith’s, I really did think, ‘I wonder what Mum would have said to this …’

If you find the book in Smiths Travel, and you have time to take a ‘shelfie’, I’d love to see it 🙂 I haven’t managed to get to a Travel branch yet.

WHSmiths Travel Shelfie

Dates for your diary:

April 8th, I’ll be with my publisher, Choc Lit, and a selection box of ChocLiteers, at Exeter Library. See here for the details. There’s something for readers and writers and it promises to be a cracking afternoon. If you can’t make it to Exeter, I’m also attending the Southampton day in May.

I’m delighted to have been invited to Watford’s Lit Fest, speaking at an evening with Watford Writers, on April 10th. Then on April 11th, I’ll be signing copies of WDKY at Waterstones Watford between 11:00 and 13:00.

It would be fabulous to see you at these events.

I spent many happy years in Watford and surrounding areas. I attended three places of education – Kingsway Junior, Francis Combe Secondary School and Cassio College. My very first job, a Saturday job, was with British Home Stores in the high street. As a Watford FC fan, I loved it at the end of the day when the fans were returning home after the match. They were easy to spot as they passed through the shop, wearing their gold, red and black scarves and tops. I could tell by the fans’ mood if we’d won or lost.

I also worked at Watford General Hospital, The Review Newspaper, Royal Insurance and The Prudential, before moving to Dorset to be closer to my parents, who’d moved from Watford some years before.
Here’s a short video I made for Watford’s Big Word Fest.

That’s all for now. I’m off to get the tour t-shirt made up.

Take care,

Laura x

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