What Doesn’t Kill You – It’s Here!

What Doesn’t Kill You – It’s Here!

The day has arrived! My third novel for Choc Lit is live!



What Doesn’t Kill You is the third in the Chesil Beach series, and follows the stormy lives of Griff, Evie, Tess and Logan.

Set in and around Weymouth and Portland, the story starts with Griff wondering where his life went wrong. It was but a short journey from happily married family man, secure and comfortable in his village cottage, to living alone in a rented one-bedroom flat in the town centre. And he doesn’t understand how it happened.

Published under Choc Lit’s new Dark imprint, What Doesn’t Kill You isn’t a typical romance. As Choc Lit state, their new imprint is for ‘… compelling, emotional, hard-hitting novels.’

Here is my teaser trailer.

I had difficulty choosing the music. Although lovely, some tunes were too happy, too sad, too busy … Then I found three I loved! This is the first version. For the more dramatic trailer, please pop over to The Romaniacs blog. I also have a seasonal version to put out in the next couple of weeks.

Hogan & Gajitman
Hogan & Gajitman

My husband valiantly stood in as Griff for the photos used in the trailer, borrowing a friend’s dog – gorgeous Hogan – to stand in as Ozzy, Griff’s faithful pal.

As you can see, Hogan is a German Shepherd. Ozzy is an Old English Sheepdog. I think Hogan did an excellent job on a blustery, chilly day at The Bill. My children were very taken with him. Such a lovely boy. Thank you to our friends for loaning us Hogan for the morning. What wonderful, varied and fun experiences we have as writers. It truly is a joy.

The adapted version used in the trailer.
The adapted version used in the trailer.

I really hope you enjoy the read and thank you for popping by today.

Have a great weekend.

Take care.

Laura x

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